Every great adventure needs great guides - experienced leaders to inspire, advise, warn, and encourage.

Find them on the acclaimed
OutsideVoices podcast.

Every great adventure needs great guides — experienced leaders to inspire, advise, warn, and encourage.

Find them on the acclaimed OutsideVoices podcast.

The OutsideVoices Podcast

By Mark Bidwell

In each episode, host Mark Bidwell speaks with a celebrated name in business, arts, sports, exploration, or academia about topics from leadership and performance to creativity and growth.

Offering personal stories and hard-won wisdom, each unguarded and in-depth conversation is a torch for your own trek through today’s volatile and uncertain world.

Spot new vistas. Explore fresh paths. Crack your hardest challenges. You’ll get a lot further with these guides whispering in your ear.

Latest Episodes

Steven Kotler: The Art of Impossible on OutsideVoices Podcast with Mark Bidwell

Steven Kotler, a bestselling author, award-winning journalist and the executive director of The Flow Research Collective, puts down what he has been doing for the last 30 years into his latest book about peak performance, The Art of Impossible.

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Gillian Zoe Segal - The Power of Proximity, and What We Can Learn From The Worlds Greatest Entrepreneurs - OutsideVoices Podcast with Mark Bidwell

Gillian Zoe Segal is the author of Getting There: A Book of Mentors. In the book, Gillian interviews incredibly successful entrepreneurs, mentors and people like Warren Buffett, to discover their secrets to success and innovation.

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Turn Your Ship Around with David Marquet - OutsideVoices Podcast with Mark Bidwell

David Marquet was the Captain of the USS Santa Fe from 1990 to 2001, and now works as a leadership expert with businesses worldwide.

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What is Your Most Significant Failure or "Low"? - OutsideVoices with Mark Bidwell

We all need to be prepared for the inevitable lows and I believe that the key is to quickly identify your mistake and take action. It is for this reason we ask every guest about their most significant lows, and what they have learned from them.

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How Do You Remain Creative? - OutsideVoices with Mark Bidwell

We always ask our guests what they do to remain fresh, to seek out diverse perspectives, and the answers are often surprisingly simple and practical.

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What Have You Changed Your Mind About Recently? - OutsideVoices with Mark Bidwell

We ask our guests the same three questions, which get to the heart of what it takes as a leader to create an innovation ecosystem in your organization, irrespective of what business you are in, and where you are located. 

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ITunes Reviews

  • One of my favourite podcastsOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by astridvik3 from United Kingdom

    Always bringing perspectives that continues to inspire new ideas and ways of thinking. Excellent. Keep it up!

  • A satisfying addition to my podcast dietOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Maisie King from United Kingdom

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these podcasts during my morning walk/gym sessions. Really stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining, and exceptionally well hosted.

  • Great guests. Great questions. Outstanding insights.OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Worldtraveler222 from United States

    I am big into podcasts which has actually made me more choosy with the ones I subscribe to. Mark’s is one of the few that I listen to regularly because he is able to get great guests, has done his homework so he can ask great questions so when listening to his episodes, including the most recent one with Cialdini, I walk away with new insights and perspectives. Love it!

  • Best show in its categoryOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Pinkstyy from United Kingdom

    This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. As a podcaster myself I find it incredibly refreshing, the scope and depth of top is, guests and perspectives that the show offers really helps you question what you think you know about leadership, innovation, career development and even personal growth and life-work balance. The questions and conversations are incredibly smart, deep and thought provoking. I have applied many of the principles the guests present in my own personal life and professional relationships, even with my partner! I freaking love this show.

  • Phenominal content for thought leadersOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Kage233 from United States

    So many amazing guests and Mark really pulls the best information out of them. This podcast is bingeworthy and actionable! I love it!

  • Great content, excellent guests and hostOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Aaaapppppppplllll from Switzerland

    Excellent content, I really enjoy the content guys! The guests are thought-provoking, inspirational people, and their erudite knowledge is squeezed out well by the host. Mark Bidwell, the host is an excellent host, exceptional knowledge and hosting skills! Hope and look forward for more to come!

  • Innovation Ecosystem is leading the way!OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by ErikBison from United States

    Innovation Ecosystem shares actionable insights on how to become a better leader (and innovating with purpose and values). I highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become the best leader you can possibly be (and grow your business and live your best life as a result)!

  • Excellent podcastOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by kalwar.g from Finland

    This podcast is excellent...and falls into the category of one of that top-rated podcast for innovators and innovation lovers. If you are young, millennials or baby-boomer or any such age groups you may want to learn from people who have made it in the business, this podcast is for you. The podcast has an excellent tone to it, curious listener group and awesome questions that might attract people from all corners of the business. As Peter Drucker said, "the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said", you will see the echoes of Drucker's diversity and culture by listening to this podcast. If you value diversity and culture in an organisation, this podcast is the must for you.

  • Best podcast on innovating in an organization!OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Chris @100 from Canada

    After finding this pod cast I have burned through all episodes during my commute and am on my second time through! Just great, useful and inspiring I formation!

  • Really good quality, thought provoking podcastsOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by GazzaTurner from United Kingdom

    I have found this podcast series by accident but I am very pleased that I have. The relevance, transferability and ideas are all so applicable and are well on point regards the future of work

  • Awesome show, highly recommend!OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by J. Barshop from United States

    Mark and his guests share actionable and inspiring lessons to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Innovation Ecosystem if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to take your business to the next level (and reach your overall goals as a result)!

  • Always insightfulOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Hdcripps from Australia

    Mark has the most interesting and varied guest from around the world that equips the listeners for the VUCA world. If you are in business you need to be listing.

  • Mark Bidwell is driven to help you lead betterOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Joshua Spodek from United States

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Mark. One-on-one as well as interviewing his world-class guests, he is driven beyond just bringing you interesting conversation to helping you connect with his guests and learn from them. He has big corporate teams and small entrepreneurial ones. He's innovated and he's worked with bureaucracies. That experience comes through in making his guests comfortable to share vulnerabilities and experiences we can learn from.

  • Class Act PodcastOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Whitney Johnson from United States

    Mark Bidwell not only does his homework to get as much learning as possible from his guests, he himself is an expert innovator -- also loves the visual collteral that accompanies each episode.

  • High quality and insightfull interviewsOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Klodeko from France

    This is an really high quality ressource for everyone interested on innovation. Mark is a really good interviewer. He helps leaders and writers to strucure their message and to extract the best of their experiences. The website completes the podcast with the transcriptions and some excellent sketchings.

  • Getting the Back StoryOutsideVoices Podcast 16
    by P Brody from United States

    I got interested in these because Mark interviewed me for one. I've since been listening to others and have come to really enjoy the broader back-story around innovation - not just what happened by why other entrepreneurs have developed a specific point of view.

  • Food for thought... Inspiring!OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by GusGusBer from United States

    What a great way to learn and grow! A very professional podcast series, highly recommended.

  • Brian MOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by BrianMooney77 from United Kingdom

    This is a well produced show with fresh perspectives on innovation and management and lots of practical suggestions of how to improve - well worth subscribing.

  • Inspiring, Thought-provoking and Insight-GeneratingOutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by morethentic from Switzerland

    A really great Podcast that inspires, provokes thinking and generates actionable insight for enterpreneurs, intrapreneurs and people who are interested to disrupt the status quo. Mark is a phantastic host who invites thought leading guests. Excellent and easy to listen to. And furthermore, you get a good summary of the discussion as a drawing. Thanks Mark!

  • Innovation? Ecosystem to the rescue!OutsideVoices Podcast 1
    by Nicolas MX from France

    Looking for insights to optimize your organisation and build an innovative and entrepreneurial start-up or company? Listen this great innovation ecosystem podcast, and visit the website