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Steven Kotler: Getting Older, Getting Better - Why Much that You've Heard About Aging is Wrong - OutsideVoices with Mark Bidwell

Steven Kotler’s latest book, Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad, turns on its head the conventional wisdom about physiological and psychological decline as we get older.

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John Elkington: Green Swans, Exponentials and Super Wicked Problems - OutsideVoice with Mark Bidwell

“Green Swans” is the new, thought provoking book by John Elkington, founder of Volans, and advisor on sustainable development and corporate responsibility with over 40 years of working in this area.

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Jack Weatherford: Genghis Khan's Lessons for the Modern World - OutsideVoices Podcast with Mark Bidwell

Jack Weatherford, the author of ‘Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World’ discusses the valuable legacy this conqueror left for today’s world.

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Every great adventure needs great guides — experienced leaders to inspire, advise, warn, and encourage.

Find them on the acclaimed OutsideVoices podcast.


For Organisations

Navigating today’s volatile and uncertain business environment isn’t something you should try to do solo. You need diverse and experienced guides by your side. We tap into our extensive network to identify peers from relevant backgrounds to share their trail-tested knowledge and unique perspectives on the challenge you’re facing.

You will work together in a safe and productive environment to map a route forward with the help of people who have been there before in different industries, markets, and contexts.

For Individuals

OutsideViews enables you to tackle your most pressing challenges.

Think of it as a staging post for the next leg of your career journey, where you’ll equip yourself with fresh skills, valuable tools, and the right team of mentors and fellow travellers to continue your professional adventure.

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Mark Bidwell

"I never set out to become a senior executive in a major international corporation."

An anthropologist-turned-executive, Mark Bidwell has spent his career as a perpetual outsider, growing businesses like BP, HayGroup, Syngenta and Terramera using the incredible power of diverse perspectives. Both Mark’s academic training and decades in the corporate world taught him the same lesson: examining your world through the eyes of someone from a different background lets you discover new ways forward.

Mark founded OutsideLens to leverage this insight to help leaders navigate the choppy waters of today’s volatile business environment. Whether it is Mark’s renowned podcasts, his public speaking, or his executive coaching, the goal is always the same: to offer fresh perspectives that help you solve your biggest challenges.


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