I’m very excited to bring Steven Kotler back on the show to talk about his latest book, Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad. He has been a guest on this podcast a few times before, talking about some of his books such as Bold, The Rise of Superman, and The Art of Impossible. He has written 12 books in the last 12 years, and his work has been very helpful for me not only in the corporate world, but also more broadly in life.

The title of Steven’s new book, Gnar Country, comes from gnarly, which refers not only to a very hostile environment in which he learned new action and adventure sports skills at the ripe age of 55. It also refers to the environment which at 55 you’re operating in – the reality of getting old and some of the challenges associated with aging. We’ve talked about action sports, peak performance, longevity and a number of other topics, where Steven turned on its head some of the conventional wisdom around the psychological and physiological decline that accompanies old age, and offered an extremely optimistic view of how we can turn this around to our benefit.

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