Inventing The Future with Business Model Innovation with Alex Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, author, business model innovator, and co-founder of Strategyzer, a SaaS company that helps organizations develop better growth engines, powerful business models, and so much more.

In this episode, Alex discusses the innovative way he wrote the Business Model Generation book and explains why the Business Model Canvas is an excellent tool for businesses looking to challenge their current business model.

  • [02:55] – Why did Alex write the book, Business Model Generation.
  • [04:00] – How Alex crowd sourced the book.
  • [09:00] – What is the Business Model Canvas all about?
  • [11:15] – There is no such thing as the one and only business tool. You need to combine tools based on your needs.
  • [17:15] – What kinds of conversations is Alex hearing from the C-suite executives about business models?
  • [19:40] – How do you price a cure that’s going to heal people with one injection?
  • [21:35] – You can still be innovative on inferior technology.
  • [24:00] – We’re still stuck in the last century when it comes to developing innovation.
  • [29:00] – There are some great lessons you can learn from Expresso.
  • [34:15] – Large corporations are trying hard to be innovative, but only a few of them are able to succeed.
  • [36:55] – What is Alex’s business model?
  • [41:55] – What has Alex changed his mind about recently?
  • [43:40] – What does Alex do to remain creative?
  • [44:35] – What does Alex attribute his success to in life?

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Mark Bidwell

Mark Bidwell

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