Scott Peltin – Multiplying Your Results From Your Mindset, Energy and Recovery Rituals

Scott Peltin is the founder and chief performance officer of Tignum, a company that helps executive clients achieve their full potential. He’s worked with CEOs, C-level executives, professional athletes, and many top leaders to improve their performance and sustainability. Prior to founding Tignum in 2005, Scott worked on the front-line for over 25 years as a firefighter and as a captain, and later led his crews as a battalion and division chief in the Phoenix Fire Department.

What Is Covered

  • [02:20] – How did Scott get started?
  • [03:55] – Why is leadership not taught?
  • [05:55] – Scott shares an example of the kind of work he provides and how he helps CEOs succeed.
  • [10:50] – What happened to Bob six months after Scott’s training? He finally has the tools he needs to handle difficult situations.
  • [13:00] – What can someone do straightaway to recover from their stressful lives?
  • [14:45] – Beware of the stories you tell yourself.
  • [18:20] – What happens if people are constantly grabbing your attention in the hallways? Scott has a solution for you.
  • [21:00] – Mindset is contagious. Let’s talk mindset.
  • [27:00] – Do generations work differently in the workplace?
  • [29:15] – When multitasking, you have to feed the brain the right nutrients in order to succeed.
  • [30:30] – What’s the next wave of performance technology going to be?
  • [35:50] – Don’t forget to sign up to Scott’s newsletter as he offers a ton of great insights.
  • [35:55] – What are Scott’s morning rituals?
  • [37:40] – What have you changed your mind about recently?
  • [39:30] – What advice would Scott give his 25-year-old self?

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Mark Bidwell

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