Rob Wolcott – Never Leave Serendipity to Chance

Robert Wolcott is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of The World  Innovation Network (TWIN) and a Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management. Mark discusses innovation and how he plans to bring TWIN to Europe. He also offers thoughtful advice for entrepreneurs trying to manage their team on a middle-management level.

What Was Covered

  • [02:32] – What does a typical week look like for Rob?
  • [04:20] – How can I be exceptional with what I do now, as well as prepare for the future?
  • [07:05] – What are you trying to accomplish?
  • [08:20] – Innovating for efficiency is very different than innovating for growth.
  • [10:25] – How can entrepreneurs get things done when they’re not in C-suite positions?
  • [11:25] – Build bridges before you need them, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.
  • [15:25] – Is there a certain type of leadership model that helps create sustainable innovation?
  • [22:00] – What does Rob mean when he says, “Don’t leave serendipity to chance?”
  • [28:10] – How does Rob plan to bring TWIN to Europe?
  • [32:00] – Don’t hire horrible people. Life is too short.
  • [36:05] – Rob talks about his trip to Bhutan.
  • [42:15] – What are Rob’s daily rituals?
  • [45:00] – Multitasking is bad for you.
  • [45:50] – What has Rob changed his mind about recently?
  • [48:05] – What advice would Rob give to his 20-year-old self?

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Mark Bidwell

Mark Bidwell

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