11 – Nicholas Thomas – The Return Of Curiosity: Encounters With The Unknown

Show Notes

In this episode I am joined by Professor Nicholas Thomas, an anthropologist and historian who has been a Director of The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge since 2006. He is the author of several books including his latest book called The Return of Curiosity: What Museums are Good For in the Twenty-first Century. Nick Thomas gives us fresh perspectives on museums and their potential role in fostering curiosity and open dialogue as key leadership skills in the contemporary VUCA world.

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What Was Covered:

  • The resurgence of museums and why their importance is growing in contemporary society where everyone is supposedly online
  • Why a visit to a museum is unique and different from other cultural activities and what it can offer to a business leader
  • The importance of encounters with the unknown in a safe setting that a museum can provide a visitor

Key Learnings And Takeaways:

  • A museum visit is an unscripted experience and a space for reflection that may be critical for looking at problems from different perspectives and inspiring innovation
  • Asking simple questions of curiosity is a critical skill in today’s heterogenous world
  • Anthropological thinking and taking cultural differences into account has become of fundamental importance in business




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