Gillian Zoe Segal – The Power of Proximity, and What We Can Learn From The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

Gillian Zoe Segal is the author of Getting There: A Book of Mentors. In the book, Gillian interviews incredibly successful entrepreneurs, mentors and people like Warren Buffett, to discover their secrets to success and innovation. On today’s show, she discusses some of the insights into the lives of these successful and driven people and talks on what truly makes them tick.

What Is Covered

  • [02:35] – Why did Gillian write Getting There?
  • [03:10] – You don’t need to know where you’re heading when you’re starting out.
  • [03:45] – Successful people have a very fluid mindset and they’re open to change.
  • [05:35] – Everybody in Gillian’s book is an entrepreneur and a trail blazer.
  • [06:30] – How does innovation really happen?
  • [06:45] – All of Gillian’s entrepreneurs question everything and they don’t blindly follow others.
  • [07:20] – Gillian talks about Warren Buffett.
  • [10:20] – How important is luck?
  • [12:15] – Get ready to hear the word ‘no’ multiple times.
  • [13:05] – Resilience is the key to success.
  • [14:35] – Gillian was so confident in what she was doing, she didn’t mind the word ‘no’. Her drive kept her going for five years, which is how long it took to complete the book.
  • [15:35] – You have to believe in your product.
  • [17:35] – What advice does Gillian have for executives who are struggling to make an impact?
  • [18:45] – If you remember who you are, you can do anything.
  • [19:40] – You have to create your own opportunities.
  • [21:00] – Don’t let the fear of failure deter you.
  • [22:15] – If you don’t want to quit at least once a month, you’re not trying hard enough.
  • [25:00] – If Gillian had to do this all over again, who would she put in the book?
  • [27:25] – How did Gillian manage to interview all these people for her book?
  • [29:05] – Surround yourself with high-grade people.
  • [30:15] – What are Gillian’s morning rituals?
  • [30:25] – What has Gillian changed her mind about recently?
  • [31:25] – What advice does Gillian have for her 25-year-old self?
  • [33:25] – What’s Gillian’s next project? That’s a secret for right now!

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