David Allen – Creating Space, Getting Altitude and Mitigating Against the Stress of Opportunity

David Allen is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity. He is the author of Getting Things Done and has shown millions of people how to transform their overwhelming lives into a relaxed and more productive one. Listen to David’s popular methodology and how it has helped successful leaders all over the world.

What Is Covered

  • [03:15] – What is the ‘Getting Things Done’ approach David uses?
  • [04:45] – How did you stumble upon this methodology?
  • [06:45] – How does Getting Things Done help with innovation?
  • [08:45] – Nobody went out to be innovative, they just went out to solve problems.
  • [09:30] – What’s a typical day look like for a successful tech company using David’s system?
  • [11:25] – You need to step back and look at all of the hats you’re wearing.
  • [14:00] – Surprisingly, people who are attracted to David’s work are people who need it the least.
  • [15:15] – Most of the stress you have is due to breaking agreements with yourself.
  • [15:35] – Getting Things Done is not about getting things done. It’s about being engaged with every single moment in your life.
  • [17:45] – The first step is to get everything out of your head and on a piece of paper.
  • [18:55] – Getting Things Done is timeless.
  • [25:15] – David talks the evolution of his business model.
  • [29:55] – Reflection is critical to the decision making process.
  • [32:25] – Keeping stuff in your head is the wrong place to be keeping stuff.
  • [35:45] – What are David’s morning rituals?
  • [39:05] – What has David changed his mind about recently?
  • [41:35] – What advice does David have for his 25-year-old self?

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Mark Bidwell

Mark Bidwell

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